• Filling of cylindrical or prismatic
    hardcase battery cells
  • Filling of pouch cells
    with gas bag
  • Smart Battery Innovation:
    novel port technology

IP PowerSystems

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We are the premier Li-ion battery and capacitor cell filling specialist.

Our machines are flexible for all battery cell types.  Thanks to the modular construction, more cells can easily be added to quickly increase capacity. Moreover our machines ensure a precise electrolyte filling with smart procedures like pulsating or preheating of the electrolyte.

Given our expertise in electrolyte filling, we guarantee an efficient and eco-friendly cell assembly.

Our advantages for you:

  • efficient
  • flexible
  • modular
  • exact
  • quick
  • smart


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Equipment for an advantageous electrolyte filling of li-ion battery cells

IP PowerSystems offers up-to-date machines and technologies for an efficient electrolyte filling of lithium-ion battery cells. Smart procedures such as preheating the electrolyte and pulsating while filling help to ensure a quick battery cell assembly and support your battery cell production.

Filling machines for all types of lithium-ion battery cells

Each machine has special application processes to guarantee an optimal electrolyte filling of all kind of LIB battery cells such as cylindrical hardcase cans, prismatic battery cells or pouch bags. Thanks to pump back and rinse functions as well as different adapters it is also possible to fill different kinds of formats at one machine. Thus our equipment is particulary suitable for R&D laboratories or research departements of li-ion battery cells.

Innovative port technology for the electrolyte filling of pouch cells

IP PowerSystems invented a novel port technology for the filling of pouch battery cells: smart battery innovation. Filling and Degassing the battery pouch cell is arranged via ports. Thus a dry room or gas bag is not necessary anymore. Improve your battery cell assembly while using an innovative electrolyte filling machine from IP PowerSystems.