For a sustainable and efficient production, we have developed a flexible electrolyte filling machine, the Electrolyte Injector, which easily can be adapted to cylindrical or prismatic cells.

Further filling modules can be added to achieve a quick capacity expansion. Our filling machines ensure a precise filling.

Moreover, we offer smart procedures like pulsating or preheating of the electrolyte. We use a direct filling process which is very accurate and allows a live report of the filling data and status.

Electrolyte Injector

This filling machine can attend to cylindrical as well as prismatic cells thanks to special adapters and filling nozzles which just need to be changed to fill a different case.

We offer this machine in two different sizes: with up to 4 or up to 10 filling stations.

Further modules can be added up to the capacity limit of your machine chosen.

Unique advantages

  • Rapid and precise filling
  • Reduced wetting time
  • Less hazardous waste
  • Lower costs
  • Modular filling system
  • Live report of filling data
  • Automation can be added easily