IP PowerSystems Corp. now NAATbatt member, attends annual conference in February 2023

To connect even faster with deciders along the battery supply chain, IP PowerSystems Corp. joined NAATBatt in 2023 and attended the annual meeting in Litchfield

The topic of sustainability and e-mobility is also gaining ground in the USA. With its efficient, precise and innovative machines for filling electrolyte into li-ion cells, IP PowerSystems offers a suitable and advanced addition to battery cell production and research. IP PowerSystems Corporation has therefore joined NAATbatt in January 2023. "We are looking forward to a strong network, interesting contacts and development opportunities." summarizes Bernd Wannenwetsch, President of IP PowerSystems.

During the annual meeting in February in Litchfield, Bernd Wannenwetsch was enthusiastic about the high quality of the event and the strong network character.