IP PowerSystems uses innovative direct filling process

Thanks to the new direct filling process, electrolyte filling of li-ion cells is even quicker and more precise.

To fill the need for increased R&D knowledge about lithium-ion battery cells, IP PowerSystems developed a new, flexible and
highly efficient process for filling electrolyte into Li-ion cells in early 2023. This is called Direct Filling and can be used both for
hardcase and pouch battery cells.

Research and Development of Lithium-Ion Battery Cells
E-mobility is on the rise worldwide, gigafactories are being planned, and resources for research and development into efficient
and sustainable batteries are steadily increasing. That's why the development team at IP PowerSystems in Germany is following
suit. „We have been specializing in battery cell assembly machines since 2017. In recent years, we have successfully supplied well-
known customers in the automotive and battery production industries with our electrolyte filling machines.“ states Toni Bläsche,
Product Manager IP PowerSystems. To support the transition to E-mobility, Bläsche and his team use the advantages of the Direct
Filling process to enable research institutions and start-ups to fill precisely yet flexibly.

Direct Filling with Dosing Cylinder
The use of a dosing piston pump guarantees a very high level of filling accuracy. In addition, the filling status of each individual
cell and other important filling parameters are recorded and evaluated in real time.
For hardcase battery cells (cylindrical or prismatic), IP Power Systems offers a Direct Filling machine called the Electrolyte Injector.
The cells are evacuated first and then filled with electrolyte at up to 40 bar. A special pressure chamber (patent-pending)
protects the hardcase cells from the high pressure. Valuable filling time can be saved thanks to the instant feedback about the
filling status and high pressure. This method also prevents cell and work area contamination.
The direct filling process is also used in the Electrolyte Jet, a machine for filling pouch cells in the vacuum chamber. In this case,
too, the dosing piston pump enables a precise filling process completely independent of the vacuum in the chamber. In addition,
the design, for which a patent is pending, prevents conductive salt from crystallizing on the dosing cylinder. As a result,
maintenance and wear and tear can be significantly reduced.

Positive Prospects in Europe and North America
„Our battery filling machines - Electrolyte Injector for hardcase, or Electrolyte Jet for pouch cells, offer numerous advantages for
battery research, prototype manufacturers or pilot lines. They require only a small amount of space and minimal maintenance
thanks to the automatic cleaning function and are flexible in terms of parameter setting.“ says Bläsche. The machines are made
in Germany and include comprehensive after-sales service. The machines can also be automated to cover series production. „I
am happy to report that we have generated a lot of interest in our machines both in Europe and in North America, where we
opened a subsidiary in Los Angeles last year“ says Ralf Hock, General Manager of the IP Group. IP PowerSystems will be
presenting its technology for efficient electrolyte filling at the 2023 Battery Show, the leading international trade fair for the
entire battery industry happening this May in Stuttgart, Germany and this September in Novi (Detroit) Michigan in the USA.